Social Media Holiday Concepts

Today we worked on social media posts. We are taking all the holidays and making themes from the pictures that already exist for the book. Damian has made accessories, like Halloween hats for the little girl, while they are getting ready to go trick or treating.

Social Media holiday

Then, with the Envato suite, we have chosen to add 7 second videos that express the sentiment of the holiday. He even made a trailer from scratch where he added fireworks for the fourth of July holiday. This was done in a program called After effects, Part of the adobe creative suite.

I can’t wait till you see the Valentines Day one (LINK HERE). It came out so great! It actually makes me very happy that Damian is so impressive with what he creates.

National ice cream day is coming, so he is adding a post where the little girl and the pony is eating ice cream.

HIs is clearly carrot flavored ice cream and has little carrot nibs where the little girl has chocolate nibs in her mint ice cream. Just adorable. I think we will create one that shows the purple pony favorite ice cream.

Carrot ice cream
Haystack ice cream
Apple ice cream
Maybe grass cream

I can’t think of any others. We can think of the same thing for national cake day.

Illustration Magic

I wanted to talk a little more about Keenon Dukes, and the illustrations he created for this book (Pony Wishbook) Keenon really captured the playful nature of the horse. We have decided that the horse is a little boy, and has a heart of gold. He is playful, and impetuous, and childlike in his own pony way. The delightful way he avoids working in the garden, and instead of helping, he chooses to eat the carrots. Not even one at a time, but as many as he can stuff into his mouth. I have to tell you, I thought this was adorable. The illustration shows the little girl is clearly annoyed by this, but is forgiving, (probably because she wishes she had thought of it first. )


Another adorable picture is when they are plying hide and seek, and he is hiding in the closet with the stuffed toys. (He must have watched E.T. sometime to get that idea.)While building snowmen, he is so clever to avoid work, by hiding behind the snow pony they have built.

Clearly, this little girl and her pony are best friends throughout the book, and the magic of that friendship is what makes this book so special. It is as if the book is filled with the love they have for each other.

Happy Valentines Day

Ahhh Valentines day is this week. Lots of hearts. Lots of sharing happens with our best friend in the whole world. Pony Wishbook is a book that delivers lots of love for a perfect friendship. Where else can you find a best friend to be there for you in good times and bad. From brushing your teeth to selling lemonade, this cute book encapsulated the perfection of a best friend. Lessons learned from such a pure and uncomplicated friendship can teach us all something about ourselves.

The video that Damian made this week for the holiday, takes the different images and rapidly culminates on a heart surrounding these two best friends. May you share such joy with your best friend on this special day. Happy Valentines day to you all.

New Book Release: Pony Wishbook

Book, Pony Wishbook

Today is a culmination of a lot of work, by a lot of people. We released my new eBook, Pony Wishbook, on Amazon and several other platforms. This book is adorable. It was inspired many years ago when my young niece was pretending to ride a horse down the streets of New York City. She was so cute, and I wanted to honor her happiness in that moment by writing this book.

Finding the right artist for the right project can be challenging and sometimes takes a few tries. This project has taken a couple of years. The artwork from the concept artist was so cute but wasn’t created in illustrator format, and the lines looked pixelated. It robbed the images because they didn’t look crisp. I then found Keenon Dukes and was so thrilled with what he created. He has perfectly captured the relationship between the little girl and the pony. He also illustrated the playful nature of the pony (who happens to be a boy pony, even though he is purple, and you might think he is a girl.)

Leslie Wing Orué further enhanced each image by creating different swirls of magic. He made the backgrounds rich with color and mystery. He added delicate images of hearts and wispy curls of light floating throughout each image. The colors he uses accents the colors in the original images, bringing a magical, mystical feel to the whole book.

I think you will love this book. It is pure love, and I am so excited to be able to share it with you. I created a book trailer, please take a look on my homepage.

Enjoy… Sherry