Illustration Magic

I wanted to talk a little more about Keenon Dukes, and the illustrations he created for this book (Pony Wishbook) Keenon really captured the playful nature of the horse. We have decided that the horse is a little boy, and has a heart of gold. He is playful, and impetuous, and childlike in his own pony way. The delightful way he avoids working in the garden, and instead of helping, he chooses to eat the carrots. Not even one at a time, but as many as he can stuff into his mouth. I have to tell you, I thought this was adorable. The illustration shows the little girl is clearly annoyed by this, but is forgiving, (probably because she wishes she had thought of it first. )


Another adorable picture is when they are plying hide and seek, and he is hiding in the closet with the stuffed toys. (He must have watched E.T. sometime to get that idea.)While building snowmen, he is so clever to avoid work, by hiding behind the snow pony they have built.

Clearly, this little girl and her pony are best friends throughout the book, and the magic of that friendship is what makes this book so special. It is as if the book is filled with the love they have for each other.

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