Social Media Holiday Concepts

Today we worked on social media posts. We are taking all the holidays and making themes from the pictures that already exist for the book. Damian has made accessories, like Halloween hats for the little girl, while they are getting ready to go trick or treating.

Social Media holiday

Then, with the Envato suite, we have chosen to add 7 second videos that express the sentiment of the holiday. He even made a trailer from scratch where he added fireworks for the fourth of July holiday. This was done in a program called After effects, Part of the adobe creative suite.

I can’t wait till you see the Valentines Day one (LINK HERE). It came out so great! It actually makes me very happy that Damian is so impressive with what he creates.

National ice cream day is coming, so he is adding a post where the little girl and the pony is eating ice cream.

HIs is clearly carrot flavored ice cream and has little carrot nibs where the little girl has chocolate nibs in her mint ice cream. Just adorable. I think we will create one that shows the purple pony favorite ice cream.

Carrot ice cream
Haystack ice cream
Apple ice cream
Maybe grass cream

I can’t think of any others. We can think of the same thing for national cake day.

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