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Introducing an enigmatic enameled sculpture that embodies an ethereal presence, gracefully traversing the boundaries of our realm. This captivating artwork pulsates with a dynamic energy, emanating from its intentional design. Meticulously sculpted, it features intricate crevices and delicate folds, alongside treacherous holes that puncture the fabric of its surface. /While seemingly fragile, this sculpture exudes an inquisitive spirit, as if driven by an insatiable curiosity. Its composition beckons observers to explore the mysteries it holds within. The enigmatic finish, a striking electric blue, contrasts with the expected characteristics of a warrior, defying traditional notions of strength and power. Instead, it conveys a sense of gentle purpose and deliberate movement. /The enigmatic holes that adorn this artwork invite contemplation, raising questions about its journey, the unwavering intensity of its intention, and the inherent tenderness of its soul. Each perforation serves as a testament to the sculpture's resilience, embodying a delicate balance between vulnerability and resilience. It compels viewers to reflect on the deeper meanings embedded within its enameled form, stirring the imagination and evoking profound emotions.

Mystical Intention

  • 6.5" x 6" x 4"

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